Sophia is an Australian contemporary dancer who travels the world performing, creating, learning and sharing. She has an individual style influenced from training in acting and hip-hop in her early years.

Based between Europe and Australia, Sophia works vigorously with different choreographers in creating their vision; offering highly developed improvisation, performance and theatrical skills grounded in her years of classical and contemporary training.

In between projects Sophia works as a model, choreographer and dance teacher. She is always looking for new ways to create, collaborate and share.


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Collaboration with…

Bamby Visual



Melanie Lane



Martin Del Amo



Dance Makers Collective


Collaboration with…

Edu Pineda



Sophia Ndaba and Edu Pineda

Tanzperformance zu Musik von Keith Jarrett und B.A. Zimmermann

Britta Lieberknecht & Company

Space for your Imagination

Britta Lieberknecht & Company


Let the Work Flow

Xerox - Drupa 2016


Collaboration with…

Michael Schuler



Melanie Lane


Tangi Wai – The Cry of Water

Victoria Hunt



Dance Makers Collective

dance shot 2015

Big Dance in Small Chunks

Dance Makers Collective



Shaun Parker & Company

sophia HAL


Shaun Parker & Company


Collaboration with…

Yargo Partal


SuperModern – Dance of Distraction



Vivaldi´s Travelator

Virgin Australia and Australian Chamber Orchestra



Shaun Parker & Company


city girl

Moth People

Groove Experiments 2017

As a professional dancer the word ‘dance’ has transformed into a very serious word. A craft that takes a lifetime to master with an (equally important) intellectual component that in recent times has started to feel more and more abstract.

So, what if I gave myself permission to do away with this weighted expectation of ‘dance’ and just followed my inner groove?

Here’s a mash up of improvisations that reject ‘dance’ in the ways I usually engage with it and embrace ‘the inner groove’

Peak Magnetic – CLARK – Music Video Shoot

Check out some of the ‘Behind the scenes’ images taken at the shoot of Clark’s new music video, Peak Magnetic. Such a great team to work with on one hell of a futuristic and experimental concept!

Directed and produced by Sander Houtkruijer
DOP – Albrecht von Grünhagen
Choreography – Melanie Lane and Kiani Del Valle
Dancers – Kiani Del Valle and Sophia Ndaba
Costume Design – Nadine Goepfert
Set Design – Jana Francke
1AD – Imri Kahn
Gaffer – Vitali Kunath
Make up – Maria Boman
3D Artist – Andreas Nicolas Fischer
Post Production – Sander Houtkruijer and Carlos Vasquez
Color Grading – Albrecht von Grünhagen
Motion Control by mastermoves
MoCo Artist – Heiko Matting
IMAGES: Edu Pineda


IMAGES: Sander Houtkruijer

I am thrilled to join electronic producer CLARK and his team on a series of worldwide live shows following the release of his new album Death Peak, including a co-headline tour with Com Truise!

Choreographer & Costume Design – Melanie Lane
Dancers – Kiani Del Valle & Sophia Ndaba
Lighting Design – Brian Kelly
LED Design – Flat-E

Get your tickets HERE!


IMAGES: Heidrun Löhr and Trudi Latour


Choreographed by Martin Del Amo, commissioned by FORM Dance Projects and Presented by Carriageworks at Sydney Festival 2017, CHAMPIONS is a production that draws surprising parallels between football and contemporary dance. Revealing unexpected insights into the fundamentals of athletic and artistic performance.

Del Amo developed CHAMPIONS in consultation with coaches and athletes from the Western Sydney Wanderers W-League. The show comprised of 11 of Sydney’s finest independent contemporary dancers, 1 show stopping team mascot (played by Julie-Anne Long) and commentary by Channel Seven sports presenter Mel McLaughlin.

This was by far one of the most exciting and unique shows I’ve been apart of! We were extremely fortunate in the lead up to the production to be trained by Ahilan Bhuvanendra Ratnamohan, who worked to get our bodies adjusted to the physicality and tactics of football. Treatments from Physiotherapist, Natasha Melacrinis of Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, were also helpful in keeping us (mostly) injury free for the whole production!

To hear more about the show from the perspective of choreographer Del Amo, Associate Artist Miranda Wheen, dancer Kristina Chan and myself please check out the following interview with Trudi Latour from SBS German Radio.

Dance Makers Collective … The Making of ‘DADS’

IMAGES: Matt Cornell and Dominic O’Donnell


What a joy it was to return home from Europe for a little while to work on the production of the full length show, DADS!

Before I delve into the world of DADS it might be useful to explain exactly what DMC is…


Formed in 2013, The Dance Makers Collective (DMC) is a group of Sydney based dancers and choreographers that collectively aim to provide a platform for its members to make and produce work with its shared resources. In addition to this, our fluid structure acts as a platform for exchange and the incubation of ideas.

Within DMC we are very much committed to working collaboratively. This means: sharing but also handing over ideas, materials and skills for further exploration and development… all the way through to production!


DADS is a production (proposed and lead by Miranda Wheen) that aims to take on the secret dances of our fathers. Wheen explains,“DADS is about finding dance in the most unexpected places. As a professional dancer, I was very surprised to find that my dad also had a dedicated dance practice, the only difference being that his occurs behind closed doors…with a tambourine.”

The making of DADS also gave us the chance to work within a new choreographic template using: 1 director (Wheen) and 8 choreographer-collaborators. The choreographer-collaborators created and offered material over to the process which was eventually selected and moulded by the director. The creation of the show took place over 2years including 3 developments in Sydney and 1 residency through Dance Integrated Australia‘s, The Corner Residency Program in Federal, NSW.

It was here where we were introduced to Dustyesky, the Russian men’s choir from Mullumbimby. An utterly impressive group of men who lent their experiences of Dad dancing and also their incredible vocals (later to be mixed into the soundscape of the show) over a beer at the Mullumbimby RSL.

Cut to November 2016 and we were preparing for the Premiere season of DADS presented by FORM Dance Projects. With the help of Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre, who provided us with studio space and of course the Dads of selected DMC members who built set pieces, shared intimate stories and dance moves, we finally had a show!

So there you have it… DADS

Devised and Performed by: Matt Cornell, Anya McKee, Sophia Ndaba, Katina Olsen, Marnie Palomares, Melanie Palomares, Carl Sciberras, Miranda Wheen and Rosslyn Wythes.

Venue: The Riverside Theatres, Parramatta NSW

Dates: 2 – 5 November 2016.


This summer holidays I had the pleasure of exploring the magical island, Formentera. It is the smallest of the four Balearic Islands off the East coast of Spain and is surrounded by the clearest water I have ever seen!

Inspired by its insurmountable beauty, Edu Pineda and I created a dance film together, shot under water on his humble iPhone 6S!

Check it out!

Space for your Imagination by Britta Lieberknecht & Company

I’ve been posted up in Cologne for the past 3 months working on the new creation of Britta Lieberknecht & Company, Space for your Imagination. The show features music  by Keith Jarrett and B.A Zimmermann and is performed by 6 talented female contemporary dancers: Petra Van Gompel, Neus Roca Barcons, Evi Terzi, Kanako Minami, Anaïs Van Eycken and myself. Check out the teaser below and click here for more details on the performance!


Xerox and Ministry of Sound at DRUPA 2016

That’s a wrap! What a fantastic 10 days it has been performing with dancers: Graci Meier, Sacha Setubun, Julie Martin and presenter Adrian Tauss to the tunes of the incredible Ministry of Sound DJ, LOVRA. A big thanks to Xerox for bringing together such a talented group of artists!


DRUPA 2016 Düsseldorf

Gearing up for an exciting event for DRUPA 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany this June! Combining animation and dance, it is set to be a feast for the eyes.

Pictured is choreographer Graci Meier and dancer Sacha Setubun, mid-air during our green-screen video shoot last week!

Catalunya, Edu Pineda

Often unable to seperate dance from life. Edu Pineda captures me in moments on our various adventures through Catalunya, Spain.

just. me.

Often Choreographers will ask to see footage of a dancer before considering hiring them. There are so many different ways to present yourself as a dancer and it’s almost impossible to know what a choreographer is really looking for.

Here is footage of just.. me. No music, costumes, lights or crazy edits. Just me experimenting with my body on this day in this space.


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